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Scott-Railton J, Arnold G, Vezina P. Appetitive sensitization by amphetamine does not reduce its ability to produce conditioned taste aversion to saccharin. Behavioural Brain Research 2006; 175: 305-314.

Vezina P, Lorrain DS, Arnold GM, Austin JD, Suto N. Sensitization of midbrain dopamine neuron reactivity promotes the pursuit of amphetamine. The Journal of Neuroscience 2002; 22: 4654-4662.

Lorrain DS, Arnold GM, Vezina P. Previous exposure to amphetamine increases incentive to obtain the drug: Long-lasting effects revealed by the progressive ratio schedule. Behavioural Brain Research 2000; 107: 9-19.

Lorrain DS, Arnold GM, Vezina P. Mesoaccumbens dopamine and the self-administration of amphetamine. In McGinty JF, editor. Advancing from the ventral striatum to the extended amygdala: Implications for neuropsychiatry and drug abuse. New York, NY: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1999;.820-822.

Lorrain DS, Austin JD, Arnold GM, Vezina P. Monitoring nucleus accumbens dopamine during the self-administration of amphetamine: Effects obtained with a progressive ratio schedule of reinforcement in the rat. In Rollema H, Abercrombie E, Sulzer D, Zackheim J, editors. Monitoring molecules in neuroscience. Newark, NJ: Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, The State University of New Jersey; 1999. p. 153-154.


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